2024 Epic Coverage

Epic Coverage

2024 Epic Coverage

Plan Your Season With More Peace Of Mind

Epic Coverage is included with every 2024 Epic Australia Pass and helps you explore the mountains you love with more peace of mind.

What is Epic Coverage?

Under Epic Coverage, you may be eligible to receive a full or prorated refund of your 2024 Epic Australia Pass for certain qualifying events. Refunds are subject to eligibility and based on your Epic Coverage elections and Epic Coverage Terms and Conditions.

Your Epic Coverage elections reflect your circumstances and preferences. These elections are used to determine your eligibility for a refund of your pass purchase and how we calculate the amount of your refund. If you do not make an election, default elections will be applied.

For details on eligibility for refunds, and how refunds are calculated, please click here to read the Terms and Conditions.

If any of the following happens over the course of the season, you may be eligible for a full or prorated refund* depending on your elections.


Personal Refund Events

  • Injury, illness or death
  • Pregnancy and adoption
  • Job loss, employment stand-down or transfer
  • Visa rejections and travel restrictions
  • And more

Resort Closure Events

  • Natural disaster
  • Disease, epidemic or pandemic
  • Hostile or war-like action
  • Terrorist attack

The above is a high-level summary of qualifying events only. You should read the Terms and Conditions for full details of eligibility criteria and conditions relating to Personal Refund Events and Resort Closure Events, and how your elections determine your eligibility for a refund. Requests for refunds under Epic Coverage must be made within specified timeframes.



Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is covered?

What is the coverage period?

Your Epic Coverage begins when you purchase your 2024 Epic Australia Pass and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Epic Coverage.

If a qualifying Personal Refund Event occurs after you’ve purchased the pass and prevents you from using your Pass during the Core Season (29 June, 2024 to 15 September, 2024), you may be eligible for a full or prorated refund based on when your qualifying personal refund event occurred and/or how many days you are able to use your pass.

A qualifying Resort Closure Event must occur during the Core Season (29 June, 2024 to 15 September, 2024) and is dependent on your Epic Coverage elections.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Why do I need to tailor my Epic Coverage?

We know that everyone’s travel plans are different. While some people may choose to visit our resorts once during the season for a long period, others may choose to visit multiple times for different durations.

Tailoring your Epic Coverage preferences ensure that the protection provided to you is based on your unique way of traveling.

How do I tailor my Epic Coverage?

To ensure your Epic Coverage is tailored to your skiing and riding preferences follow the below steps;

Step 1: After you have purchased your Epic Australia Pass log into My Account.

Step 2: Answer two questions about the resort(s) you would like to have covered and when you plan to ski or ride. These preferences do not change the access of your Pass – they are strictly used to determine your refund if a qualifying Resort Closure Event occurs. The two key preferences you will be asked to provide are:

  • All Resorts or a Primary Resort for coverage: You can choose a specific resort your pass has access to, or you can choose “All Resorts”. Your choice will be used to determine which resorts must be closed to trigger a qualifying coverage. Please refer to “How are Refunds Determined?” to decide on the best selection for you.
  • Core Season or Specific Week for coverage: You can choose a specific week that you would most like to have covered, or you can choose “Core Season”. The “Core Season” is from 29 June 2024 to 15 September 2024. This choice will influence how your refund is determined, so please refer to the “How are Refunds Determined?” section to decide on the best selection for you.

Step 3: That’s it. Your pass is now tailored to your specific preferences in the event of a Resort Closure during the 2024 core season as defined in the terms and conditions.

Please Note: If you do not tailor your 2024 Epic Coverage Elections you will automatically be defaulted to “All Australian Resorts” and “Core Season”.

How do I change my Epic Coverage elections?

You may update or change your elections at any time before the first of either;

  • The first time you use your pass; or
  • When sales of the 2024 Epic Australia Pass end

To update or change your elections head to the My Account section in the Epic Australia Pass online shop and follow the steps above.

Do I qualify for a refund if one of my family members has a qualifying Personal Refund Event?

There are specific qualifying personal events that are eligible for a refund if the event occurs to you or your qualifying family member who lives in the same permanent residence as you and impacts your ability to use your pass during the Core Season.

The types of personal events that are covered include: illness, injury, death, pregnancy, military service, job loss and visa rejection.

See Epic Coverage terms and conditions for full details.

Which resorts are covered by Epic Coverage?

Perisher, Falls Creek and Hotham as well as the 34 Northern Hemisphere resorts owned and operated by Vail Resorts are covered by Epic Coverage. Epic Coverage does not apply to partner resorts such as Hakuba Valley and Rusutsu in Japan.

See Epic Coverage terms and conditions for full details.

Are resort closures caused by weather events covered by Epic Coverage?

No. The only weather-related events that are covered by Epic Coverage are for natural disasters (flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, fire, and volcanic eruption) that lead to a resort closure.

All other weather-related closures (such as weather or snow related road closures, weather or wind related lift closures, or generally unfavourable weather including snow levels) are not eligible for refunds.



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