Perisher Is Opening Early!

31 May 2021 – The rumours are true... PERISHER IS OPENING EARLY!

We’re not saying drop everything but, drop everything! PERISHER IS OPENING EARLY!

The story began a long, long time ago...okay not that long ago. But basically, our Mountain Operations team have been going back and forth in hard negotiations with the gods to organise a colder than average month of May.

Success! With cool nights set as the new normal, and another top-up on the way this week, Perisher is excited to kick things off with a bang on Friday 4 June.

Mic drop!

So, it’s time to drop your quiver in for a tune and ask the shop that dreaded pre-winter question: can you get all that rust off?! By Friday?! Because you’re not going to want to miss out on this...

Did we manage to convince you? If so, Lessons and rentals will be available via the Perisher Shop from 1 June.

Skitube will be available from Friday 11 June. Check the timetable, here.

Need to get your early season legs back? Book in a 2-hour private lesson, from Saturday 5 June at 9am, 11am and 1:30pm. Lessons are limited and must be purchased from the Perisher Centre Ticket Office only.

Events are back on for 2021! Plan your June Long Weekend now.

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